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We are Elevate Labs, an ambitious NFT studio and the creative minds behind TWOK, a never-before-seen NFT collection that will be a game-changer for the decentralised web. We are the storytellers, the web3 wizards and the dreamers of a greener and better metaverse. We believe in a community that thrives on collaboration and pushes the boundaries. We are assembling the tribes, creating inclusive experiences, and removing limitations. We are Elevate Labs, and we intend to take web3 to the next level.
When you decentralise, it allows you to conceptualise

Data ownership belongs to the end-user, not the internet giants
The web belongs to the thinkers, the creators, the dreamers, the inventors, and the visionaries. Web3 will bring new web protocols, infrastructure, peer-to-peer networks, and a community of users.
Control will return to the people, not the hackers, internet conglomerates, authoritarian governments, and the opinion censors.
Creative concepts will be born, and it will be up to all of us to be the guardians of the new space.

Elevate Labs will be amongst the pioneers of this change.


Run with the Wolves

Introducing The Wolf of Kensington, a highly coveted NFT collection of highly detailed exclusive pieces of generative art. Creating exclusivity in the greenest way possible is what positions TWOK as a unique NFT collection who are ready to shake things up

The Green Side of the Ethereum Blockchain

We are committed to being green, which is why our NFT collections and all future projects will be carbon neutral.
Sustainability is a controversial subject in the crypto sphere, and we are acutely aware of our responsibilities.
We are committed to a carbon neutral future and we explicitly guarantee to make this happen.
Through a process of extensive data gathering and carbon footprint calculations, we are working with external partners to:

  • Develop a clearly defined plan to continually measure, analyse and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Generate a priority set of actions to reduce emissions

We are on a mission. It’s simple. We have to clean-up after ourselves.

Meet the Team
Elevate Labs seeks a meeting of minds in the web3 space. We are about building a community that shares a better vision for the future. Meet the minds behind Elevate Labs. These are our thinkers, creators, dreamers, inventors, and visionaries.

Tani Dulay - CEO

Tani is a seasoned entrepreneur with a stellar track record in business. He has built Woodbourne Group’s increasing £500m development portfolio which includes the world’s first mixed-use net-zero carbon ready development spanning 1m sq. ft.

With extensive experience at board level, Tani adds significant commercial expertise and will be responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Tani will be focused on identifying new opportunities and ensuring value creation for stakeholders, including the communities in which Elevate Labs operates.

Tani has been an early investor in Bitcoin since 2016 and is often featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and BBC News and regularly invited to speak at events relating to business and the economy. Tani believes that being responsible is integral to business with good conscience. He is passionate about climate change and is involved in several international charitable projects.

Sean Brown combines extensive entrepreneurial experience with a driving passion for building innovative technology to provide critical business infrastructure.
He put this into action as founder and CEO at Mercarto, an eCommerce and marketplace platform, and Hatch, an influencer platform acquired by Social Chain AG. At Mercarto, the company grew to over £2 million in revenue in just 18 months from start-up.

A solution-focused professional, his strengths lie in product and business development. He has helped to deliver best-in-class products that solve some of the key challenges faced by clients.
He brings this proven track record of innovation and delivery to his role at Elevate Labs.

Sean Brown - CPO

Paul Doherty - CCO

After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in the late 90’s, at a key moment in the development of Architectural Technology, Paul has applied his considerable skills for over 20 years across a range of commercial applications, persistently encouraging, and cultivating, creative innovation within his team. 

With extensive experience in Architectural Visualisation, 3D Design, and Animation, he currently heads up a team of 14 leading Artists and Animators, and has created a range of creative services for traditional and digital channels. 

Paul is responsible for the vision and artistic direction of TWOK. This vision is brought to fruition by his incredible team of top tier talent, experienced working with blue-chip brands such as eBay, Sainsburys and Guinness. He brings creative energy and artistic wizardry to the team at Elevate Labs.

Elliot Hackney is a leading industry influencer, marketing expert and a chief advocate of the vast commercial potential of NFTs. With a wealth of experience working with blue-chip brands, agencies and influencers, Elliot Hackney will head up the marketing of TWOK.

Elliot will manage the social output, Discord team, marketing activations and partnerships that will help build TWOK into a huge NFT brand. This will involve overseeing the company’s overall marketing activities and the development of the marketing department.

As the founder of Hackney Media, Elliot has worked with numerous leading brands including Gymshark, Ladbrokes, Just Eat and EA Games.
Elliot Hackney’s extensive experience is a real asset for Elevate Labs.

Elliot Hackney- CMO

Dan Jones - CTO

Dan Jones has built up extensive industry experience since graduating from the University of Manchester in 2012. His career has spanned various CTO roles across a wide range of different industries, including retail, fintech, telecoms and cyber security.

Dan’s previous experience has seen him fulfil technical leadership roles while gaining considerable hands-on development experience.
Dan has a wealth of primary experience with distributed systems and has a passion for solutions that are secure and truly scalable. With the emergence of blockchain development, Dan’s know-how and professional interests give him the edge in this particular space.
Dan’s technical knowledge, insight and tech-savvy attributes are a valuable asset to Elevate Labs.

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